Monday, February 23, 2009

Not done yet...

This morning I had a great post ready to go. It had pictures and fun comments! Then I pushed the wrong button and it all disappeared. I should have taken it as an omen when the photos didn't load the first time! (it didn't even save a copy like it usually does) Oh well, here I go again. Dane is taking a nap so I better type quick!
Besides running a few errands this weekend (grocery shopping, etc.) we spent the whole weekend at the new house. It is really coming along, however it's never as quick as we want!

We figure it is going to take one more weekend and then it will be ready for all of our stuff! We may be able to start moving a few things next weekend, but the majority will be going in a couple weeks. By now it seems like we should be really good at moving... We do it enough!

We took a few pictures to share, so here they are!

We are still working on the blasted bathroom! However, all the wallpaper is gone! (I know I said that last week, but it is still exciting to me... please don't remind me about the other bathroom I must do at a later date...)
So, here is Clint working in the bathroom. He spackled and then put on some texture. He did a really nice job and it actually turned out great! I will post before and after pictures after next weekend when we have the house semi-finished!
Here is Dane in his "baby jail". We couldn't let him roam and get into the kitchen and bathrooms where we were working cause they are a mess with a million baby hazards. He didn't understand this (obviously) and wanted to see us and be part of the action. He would play for a little while and then would decide he wanted out NOW! Then we would put him in the pack, and he spent a fair amount of time in there.

Clint getting ready to texture... I love the mask!

Here are Dane and I taping in preparation for painting the kitchen... He would get a little antsy in the pack cause we weren't moving around enough... However then he would settle down and babble at us or sleep... You do have to be careful because he is watching and waiting for an opportunity and what ever you get close to he will grab!!! (light fixture by our head... he grabbed that like 20 times!)

Not only do you have to watch our for him grabbing things... you also have to remember that he is back there so you give yourself more space to walk through doors, turn around, back up, etc... As you can see, Daddy got a little too close to a freshly painted wall!!! I do have to say "thank-you" to my awesome sis once again for that pack. It has been worth it's weight in gold.

On Saturday, Clint and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!! Woo hoo! I use the word "celebrated" loosely cause we worked on the house all day! But we enjoy having projects and we work well together. (except when he doesn't listen to me... lol) There is something so rewarding about working on a house like this and seeing the positive progress. We did go through the Hardee's drive through for dinner though, so I can't say that I had to cook!

Speaking of dinner, one last story before I sign off... So yesterday we worked at the house ALL DAY LONG! We didn't really stop for lunch, we just grabbed a snack and kept on rolling. Well, I had put some of my favorite stew in the crock pot before we left, so I knew that we would have a nice hot meal when we got home... Yummy! Well, we walk through the door, and Clint starts getting out some other fixings to go with the stew while I take care of Dane. All the sudden I realize that the house does not smell all yummy and delicious... Hmmm. I say to Clint "holy crap I'm having a moment..." and I walk over and look into the crock pot to see all of my delicious stew fixings just as I left them. RAW. See I had wanted to make Dane some toast in the morning and I had to unplug the crock pot. Guess I didn't remember to plug it back in. Good thing we had some leftover homemade chili in the fridge!

This morning when I asked Clint what he wanted for dinner tonight, he said "preferably something cooked!" Ha ha!

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Shannon Houston said...

Wow, the house is really coming along. Great job, I'm sure all the hard work will be worth it when you're able to move in. LOVE the paint on Dane's head....too funny. Congrats on your anniversary too.