Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

How did we get to spend it... A romantic dinner? No... A walk in the park? not that either... How about stripping wallpaper, painting and tearing out carpet? YES! THAT'S IT!!! Woo hoo!!!
Actually we are pretty excited about our newest project... A huge amount of work? Absolutely! But, it should pay off in the end. We found a smoking deal of a house that just needed some major TLC. Clint's parents made the trip over to help out with all of this initial work, and they are life savers! They have a airless paint gun and lots of tools... (they have done this a time or two before...) not to mention a lot of great experience. So, we are having a good time working on getting this place move in ready!

Tonight we did get to spend the evening with Mom and Perry as well. Mom watched Dane all day and then they had us over for a delicious spaghetti dinner... and cheesecake for dessert! I ate too much! I was a total nerd though, and I left our camera over at the new house so I didn't get any pictures of our fun evening. We have been taking some pictures as we go, so I will try to post more as time allows. Here are some to start out...
The front... It is a little overgrown, but my hubby is a landscaping king!!! So, give us a couple years and it should be better!

The kitchen

Family Room

Upstairs living room

Dane with Gena!
(our awesome realtor, if anyone wants to buy real-estate in MT, let us know)

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Anonymous said...

Did I tell you that you are the best clients!!! O my gosh I can't believe the difference. I love the color! I will see you this weekend. Now that Dane can get down on the carpet he probably won't want to be held. You should have kept that carpet!