Thursday, January 22, 2009

A whirl-wind week!!!

Things here are just moving right along! Clint and I are having a crazy busy work week, but it is a good one. (I'm actually done with my week, but Clint has one more day.) Dane is doing really well also. He is experimenting with pulling himself up on everything and then moving around it. It's so much fun to see him growing and trying new things. He also is getting his molars (one has already come through)... what a growing boy we have!
We think we are going to head up to the cabin tomorrow night to spend a little time up there. The weather is supposed to get cold again so we may not do too much ice fishing, but we probably will venture up to the Rocky Mountain Front and take a look at the wildlife.
We hope everyone had a great week. Here are a few pictures of Dane that I wanted to share!

Getting all bundled up for a ride in the baby jogger.

Going through the cupboards... and finding all kinds of good things!


Lisa and Erik said...

He is SO SO cute!

Shannon Houston said...

Dane looks like such a big boy standing up! They grow and change so much. Have fun at the cabin!