Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guess what we did today!

Because I know that you will never guess, I'll tell you... We went ice fishing! Of course we went to our new favorite place, Holter. We caught 5 rainbow trout and kept 2 (the bigger ones). It was pretty nice but a little windy and cold. Dane rode on the front today in my jacket. It kept him nice and warm, but I was fairly cumbersome. I think I've mentioned before that it reminds me of last year when I was pregnant. Our heater was also not doing very well in the blind so that didn't make it any easier. Dane was zipped up pretty tight and got a little cranky at one point, so we went back to the truck and stayed in there for a little while so he could play. Then we bundled back up and off we went again. Several people that we talked to had to peek at him all tucked in to my coat!
I know it looks cold, but isn't it beautiful?
This was the first fish of the day, so even though we released it we had to take a picture! Isn't it huge?
Talking to the little man and readjusting his hat!The nice trout that I caught.

So, Tuesday is the day for Dane to get his tube(s). His regular Dr. said that they want him to get the tubes in both ears. They think it's silly when he is under anesthesia and such not to just do it. They are following up and if this guy wont do it, then they want to find someone else who will. In addition, Dane got another ear infection last week and I let it go to long. (We thought it was an extension of the cold he has been fighting. He had a fever, but not the other symptoms we have grown to recognize.) So we took him in on Friday and sure enough... So, they put him back on antibiotics, but it was too late and the darn thing ruptured again. Now we aren't sure if they will even do the surgery until it heals up again. So, keep your fingers crossed for him. Now that his ear is feeling better (once it ruptures it released the pressure and he usually feels great!) he is totally back to his old laughing smiling self and is so much fun. We really hope that the surgery goes through and we are hopefully able to get a reprieve from these darn ear infections! I'll update everyone later in the week and let you know what happens.

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