Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today was a great day with friends.

The weather today was phenomenal! It was an incredible day to be out on the ice and we took full advantage. We headed up to Lake Francis and met Cal and Sandy (our friends from Conrad) to do some ice fishing. The perch were biting like CRAZY... We caught a bunch, but some weren't very big. It was a lot of fun and we took a lot of pictures so here are a few that I wanted to share!
When we first got there, a little sliver of moon remained...
We brought Bones along and he had an incredible time!
As I said... Some of the fish weren't very big. But, they were still fun to catch!

Bones found a buddy... He spent a lot of time right there, loving up to Cal!

Sandy is quite the fishergal... Here is one of the nicer perch she caught.
Dane hanging out in the sled!
Another monster!
It was an exhausting day for Dane!!!

And last week Clint and Brock made one more trip to the River and were able to get a little more shooting before the season ended.

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