Saturday, December 22, 2012

Catching up #2

About a week and a half ago, Clint went duck hunting with Noah and Bones. (I had to work...  bummer)
They had a great time and harvested some beautiful ducks.  Here is a juvenile goldeneye that was hanging out in the decoys.
Bones doing what he does best!
A proud pup with some greenheads and goldeneyes
Bringing in another one!
Dane also had his Christmas program later that same week.  We had talked about not pulling up his shirt, (last year he suck his hands up the front of his shirt and wadded it all up so his belly was hanging out...  it was awesome!)  He was really working hard to try and keep his hands where they should be...  and he did a great job!  The program was good and all the kids did a wonderful job singing.  I'm so thankful that they go to such a great child care facility that takes time to do so many great things with the kids!

After the program, we decided to go to the park cause it was such a beautiful day!  Both kids wanted to ride in the same swing so I decided to oblige them.  They enjoyed it until Dane decided he wanted out...  then it got kind of crazy cause they were really squeezed in there!

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