Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!! (a day late!)

Well, we hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July. We got to go up to the cabin on Thursday and then we came home yesterday afternoon because Clint had to work last night. We had such a great time, it was hard to come back.
Thursday was beautiful and hot. We had some friends up to the cabin with their kids. We went down to the lake and had a fun time in the water, swimming, catching crawdads, and throwing rocks into the water! After dinner at the cabin our friends camped down at the water and then left the next morning. Friday was cloudy and cool so we decided to drive up Sun Canyon and visit some other friends that were camping up there. After fishing we went to their camp and it was so good to see them, we haven't seen them for 2 years, so it was super fun to catch up and we ended up having dinner with them before heading back to the cabin. Yesterday, we went for a hike in the morning to check out a little pond (see if there were any fish) and then we cleaned the cabin and went swimming again. Dane was even braver this time in the water and enjoyed going deep with me. However, when we tried putting the life jacket on him to let him float, he didn't like it at all. Then he was cruising along the beach carrying some things and tripped hitting his chin and biting his lip. I must say, he did get some boo-boos over the weekend with all the exploring and new adventures he had. He is quite the trooper though, and after the initial scare he was usually right back at it.
As you can see we had a busy but fun weekend. Clint had to work last night and since Dane is so young and I didn't think he would miss the fireworks if we didn't go, we just hung out and went to bed early. He was pretty worn out from the fun filled weekend and today we are just cleaning house and getting ready for the week.
Here are some pictures from the weekend!
Here are some of the monster craw-dads that Clint caught.
(I only caught one cause I was on Dane duty most of the time!)
Dane and I enjoying the water
Dane playing with his very own craw-dad. Clint took off the claws and let Dane play with it. Surprisingly, he didn't put it in his mouth and it escaped alive!!! Lucky little bugger.

Some of the resident antelope that hang out up there.
Fishing the Sun River

A little rainbow I caught

We also put Dane to work cleaning at the cabin. Boys gotta earn his keep!!! lol

Dane getting ready to dig into breakfast

Bald Eagle

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