Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fishing at Holter!

This morning we got up super early, picked up Brock, and headed to Holter Reservoir to fish. The weather was phenomenal and the fishing was great! It couldn't have been more perfect!
We ended up limiting on Walleye (15 total), we caught 1 perch, and one large rainbow trout. The walleye were little, but they were biting like crazy. Brock did really well and Dane enjoyed having him along. (especially on the drive there and home... Dane couldn't quit smiling at him!!) Here are some pictures from our day.
Dane loves to poke their eyes!!! Here he is checking out a walleye!

Clint and Brock hooked these two fish right away. A great perch and rainbow trout. I must admit it was a little chaotic right when they hooked them, but they both landed their fish!

Here are the boys headed out to go fishing!

Brock driving the boat! He did great, and was such a trooper with his broken arm!
Dane also did really well. However, the combination of a really early morning, poking fish, and pointing at birds wore him out. Here he is trying to find a good spot to lay down. However, he couldn't get comfortable and kept getting up and rearranging.

Two tired boys!!!