Sunday, March 29, 2009

An update.

Happy Sunday everyone! I don't have any pictures right now, but I just thought I'd post a real quick update and then add pictures later when I have more time.
Clint and I are just working like crazy to get the old house ready for the renters. We decided since we have the time we would paint, scrub and seal the tile/grout in the bathroom, put some more gravel in the back, clean out the flower beds, etc. It's theirs as of April 1st, but they wont be arriving until the 7th or so. But, we want it all done this weekend so we can move on to other things. (It's not like we don't have any other projects in our life!!!)
Dane is doing really well and is getting settled in his new daycare and room. The ladies at daycare say that he is a real joy to have in the room and they really like him. (I'm sure they don't tell any parents, "your kid is a real brat and we don't want him in our room...") lol
Anyway, we are just getting going this morning and then we are headed out to work on all of our fun tasks! We are hoping next weekend we can use one day to head up to the front and do some horn hunting, or fishing, or something fun!
I'll try to post some pictures later. Take care everyone!

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