Friday, March 6, 2009

Hope everyone's week was great!

Today is Friday woo hoo!!! Unfortunately, what that means is that we are about to start moving... not so exciting. But, it's just another one of those things that we have to get done and then hopefully things will settle down a little... (Yeah right!!!) I think our goal is to get a bunch of the "nonessential" stuff moved this weekend and then next week we will move our bed and the rest of the stuff. Dane is going to get to spend some good Grandma time, she is sweet enough to watch him for us since it will be pretty tough to have him underfoot. Then I think we are going to "celebrate" his birthday on Sunday since Monday Clint has to work during the day and then I have to work in the evening, so it will be hard to do it on Monday. Can you believe he is going to be a year old??? Wow, sometimes it seems like forever ago that I was waddling around wondering when I was going to have him... other times it seems like just yesterday!
The weather has been great, but just decided to turn. It's about 8 degrees this morning with some snow on the ground. Let's just hope it stays frozen for the move and doesn't thaw out halfway and get all muddy!
Not too much exciting picture wise, just a few of the little guy eating dinner last night. Salmon, veggies, and grapes! He is a good eater (never guess that from the pictures!!!) and he loved the salmon that Nana and grandpa brought! Dane also loves avocados and dried cranberries and could live off of them! But, we have to switch it up sometimes!

He wanted to hold the camera... bad idea!!!!

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