Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just a few pictures of Dane to share!

Here are some pictures of the little man to share with everyone! He is such a busy little guy right now! His ears are still giving him trouble. Next Friday we head to Helena for a consult with an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist to see about getting tubes in his ears. Then he will probably get them put in the first week of January or right around there. Poor guy, it has been one ear infection after another. So, hopefully this will give him some relief.
He has had 3 more teeth come in and there is a 4th just under the surface so we should be seeing that one soon... Wow, our little boy is growing up so quick!
He was crawling around playing the other day and I looked over... Now he's pulling himself up on stuff!!!

He enjoys Bones and I think the feeling is mutual!!!

Here he is playing with his shadow... It was so cute!

While Clint's parents were here we made a bunch of sausage. Here is one load in the smoker! It turned out really yummy!

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Shannon Houston said...

Wow, Dane is getting to be such a big boy! More teeth, crawling and pulling himself up, how fast they change. Great pictures!! Sausages look delicious too! Good luck with the ear dr., hopefully it will give him some relief.