Friday, December 26, 2008

Ice Fishing on Holter

Last night the weather forecast called for a couple inches of snow... this morning we woke up to 8+... So, we decided that we may not even be able to make it to our cabin due to the snow accumulation. But, we couldn't just sit home so we went on a day trip to Holter Reservoir.
Here's a couple pictures from our back yard this morning.

To be honest,before we moved to Montana, I couldn't imagine enjoying ice fishing...
You sit on a piece of ice suspended over a big body of water. The temperatures are almost always below freezing and even the smallest breeze makes it REALLY COLD! Well, we've decided we must be crazy, cause we love ice fishing!!!
Today was cold, but it was sunny and the wind was pretty calm. What a great day to be on the ice! To top it off, we caught a few fish and Clint hooked this really nice rainbow! It was about 20 inches long and fought really good. I also hooked a nice one, but after fighting it for a little bit my line broke where it was rubbing on the ice under the water.... I was bummed, but we still had a great time.
What a nice fish!

At first Dane hung out on my back, but then we needed to switch things up a little, so we took him off and we set up one of our blinds. It was nice cause it helped keep us all out of the wind. Here is a picture of Clint and Dane!

When we were leaving the sun was just going down behind the mountains... It was really beautiful!

The deer were all coming out to start feeding as well, so it was fun to see them.

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