Thursday, May 2, 2013

Icebreaker 2013

Last Sunday was one of our annual traditions...  the Icebreaker Road Race.  First, Jill and I ran the 5 mile run.  I was the crazy girl with a camera who took pictures throughout.  It was fun!  

 Then Brock and Clint ran the 3 mile race.  They did really well and had a great time!  Here they are coming down the home stretch to the finish line!  

 Grandma brought the kids down and waited at the finish line, which was really cool!  After we finished the 5 and the 3, then we all ran the 1 miler with Dane!  He did much better pacing himself this year and did a great job!  We were really proud of him!

 Then when he saw the finish line, little man put his head down and was off!  
 Here's the whole icebreaker crew...  except for one important member of our cheering section (grandma) was behind the camera!

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