Monday, August 17, 2009

What's new???

Well, I thought I would give a quick update on what's new around here. Since getting back from our trip, my days off and Clint's days off have been opposite. So, Dane and I get up and try to head out as soon as possible to let Clint sleep. We go to the River with Bones, or to the park and play. We spend time over with Grandma and Grandpa, and we do our weekly shopping. We usually come home for lunch and a nap, (Dane's nap, not mine unfortunately!!!) then Clint gets up and we do some family stuff.
Next week the rotation starts to get better and then we will have at least a day or two off together to work on the house, or play!!! Clint has been busy working on the house on his days off. He got the two front windows replaced, and also the sill plate where it had rotted out. Thanks to Perry as well for his help!
Today when Clint got up we headed out to do some fishing on a little creek out of town. The weather was perfect and the fishing was good! Clint caught 2 brown trout and I caught 1... They are pretty big fish considering the size of the creek and they were a lot of fun to catch!
Here was one of the brown trout that Clint caught

Dane and his dad!!!

Dane checking out a fish

Me and my brown trout

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