Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guess what!!! We went fishing!!!

Shocking, I know!!! We have been so fortunate this summer, lots of great fishing!
Yesterday, we went back to Holter along with a friend of ours and his son (Wyatt)! We were so lucky because the weather was PERFECT and the fishing was good. We caught a bunch of walleye, a couple perch, and 3 nice trout. Dane did great and Wyatt and his dad were so good to him. They were patient and obviously like children. They even entertained him for a while so I could relax! (Usually I'm on Dane duty most of the time and I tell you, he is a full time job out there!!!)
Here are Clint and Dane hanging out and enjoying some quality time!

Clint, Dane and I with a trout that I landed

Dane really enjoyed it when we would put a fish and some water in the bucket. After a while he finally figured out how to pick it up! Either that or the perch got tired and gave up. Great entertainment for all of us!
Wyatt was quite the fisherman! He hooked and landed more fish than any of us!!! and he caught the biggest fish of the bunch.
Here he is with a nice trout.

Like I said, we had a wonderful time. But, soon everyone wont have to be subjected to so many fishing pictures... Why? Cause it's hunting season!!! WOO HOO!!! Snipe, Hungarian, and Sharptail (among others, but those are the ones that we chase) opens September 1st and you can bet we will be out chasing birds the first weekend of the season!!!

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Lisa and Erik said...

Ha, that's funny with Dane and the fish in the bucket.