Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why aren't they posting more often???

Yes, I know that is a question everyone must be asking themselves these days... My apologies but the bad news is that I don't see it getting too much better any time soon. Our life is fantastically full! Clint is back on patrol. Woo hoo... I think!!! lol. We are super happy to have him back where he wants to be... and we will all adapt to the shift work in no time at all!
Last weekend we were able to get away to the cabin. It was so incredible... We did some work around the cabin, putting trim around the windows and such. But, we also got to go for a hike and enjoy the beautiful weather and views.
Dane was really good. I was a little worried about the wood stove, but he did great. The only challenge was the sleeping arrangement. I (in my infinite wisdom) thought it would be a fine idea for him to sleep with us. HOLY COW, I didn't realize how active he was in his sleep. There we were... the three of us on the futon. I was perched on the edge trying not to touch Dane cause every time I did he would wake up. Clint was snoring (which he rarely does). Needless to say, I didn't get a very good nights rest! In an act of frustration I did reach out and try to plug Clint's nose, but it didn't work!!!

On our hike we went along an incredible creek. It was really beautiful... and as you can see, Bones really enjoyed swimming, even with the ice!

There was a little ice left on Willow Creek Reservoir, but not much! There is almost no algae in it this time of year, so it so clear!

The spring migration seems to be picking up. Here you can see a mallard pair with the Rockies in the background. Isn't it beautiful?!

The view from the front of our cabin. We always forget how breathtaking it is until we get back up there!

One of our neighbors... They live there all year round... we are jealous!
Another view from the cabin... This is when the sun was setting.
Dane loved helping his dad! Here he is figuring out how to work the mallet!
Clint did a great job on the window trim. I was his gopher... and was on "Dane duty" so I'm not sure that I contributed much.

We went for a drive after our hike and found some great prospective fishing spots. Here are some brook trout in some crystal clear water. It was so amazing to see, and Clint got some good pictures!

and here is Dane "helping" his dad. They were so cute and Dane wanted to be right in the middle of everything!

This week is flying by as always. I'm in a training class that is Monday thru Friday instead of my normal 4 day week. (we usually work four 10 hour days) Clint is on evenings, so he goes to work at 2 pm and gets off at 11 pm. Luckily we both have Saturday and Sunday off this weekend (lucky us!) and we plan on getting some projects done around here.

Dane is doing exceptionally well in his new day care. It is amazing the things that they do with these little guys. For example, he gets to finger paint, color, sit in little chairs and eat at a little table with a plate and spoon and all the other 12-24 month olds. They have been outside a lot with the weather being so nice lately and they take walks and play in their (really nice) playground. They also do really cool journals and daily reports so we know exactly what he does each day, when he sleeps, what he eats, his mood, etc. We have been very impressed and he seems to be really happy. He is not walking yet... Seems to be hesitant to take this step. (so to speak) But, he is adventurous and totally "cruises" on all the furniture, dog, etc so his Dr. says it's totally normal and he will do it when he is ready. I'm not really in any hurry... he is TROUBLE as it is!!! LOL

Tomorrow is my incredible hubby's birthday.


I'm sad that we wont be able to celebrate better, but maybe this weekend we will do something fun!

Anyway, that is what is new with us. We wish everyone well and hope that you all are having a good spring.


Lisa and Erik said...

Wow, that is just beautiful!

Jeremy,Kristi and Hannah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLINT!!!! Jeremy got a kick out of the picture of Dane with the rubber mallet. Is that the one Jeremy got Dane for his baby gift? :) hehe

Clint, Tanya, and Dane said...

Yes, that is the one!!! I can't believe how handy it has been!!! Thanks again!

Shannon Houston said...

What a spectaculbeautiful view you have from the cabin, great pictures. What a little helper Dane is...LOL. Hopefully for you he will take his time walking.... they are quite fast once they figure it all out!! Hope Clint had a nice birthday and you are all able to celebrate over the weekend.