Friday, May 9, 2014

Ziplines and a "Down Day"

Well, here it is...  our last day in Mexico, and we had an amazing time! I know that once I get back to the crazy life at home, it will be hard to get blog updates done, so I'm trying to get them done while we are down here! 
While here, we actually didn't eat out much...  most meals consisted of something like this...  Fish or chicken, sautéed veggies, fresh salsa, and fruit! Delicious!
 Wednesday we went out ziplining.  It was SO FUN!  But, they wanted $65 for photos, so you will just have to make due with a few from our trip up there...  It definitely was a different type of landscape. 

 Here we are all getting ready. The crew was super funny and in great spirits; there was a fair amount of machismo and sexual innuendos...  but, Clint assured me that was fairly normal for the Mexican culture. 

After ziplining, we got to rappel down a rock wall. I must admit I had a little trepidation, but it was actually a lot of fun, and Clint, the rock star, (no pun intended, lol) got to go down twice!
Then, they showed us how tequila is made and we got to taste a few different types.
This is the agave plant

This is the pit where they burn it.
Barrels for storing it while it ages.
Bottom's up! :)  Okay, it literally was about a Tablespoon.  I tried the two flavored ones, they were pretty good.
It was pretty neat, there were lizards, buzzards, and funny shaped cactuses... :)  (Ask Clint)
Then we had a down day...  we looked for a fishing trip, and took a walk looking for some good tamales.  Well, that walk took us way off the beaten path! It seemed like every person we asked would say, "oh yeah, it's about 2 or 3 more blocks" (except in Spanish). We got some funny looks and saw some funny things. Like when we stopped next to a parked car to get the water bottle out of the backpack. There was a Mexican man sitting in that car with a baby sleeping and the windows open.  When we stopped, he locked his doors and gave us "the look"! He was certain that the gringos were up to no good!
Since the search for tamales turned up nothing, we stopped at the best taco place EVER!  Gardenias! Clint said that the coke out of the glass bottle tastes better then what we drink at home.  I think it may also be the fact that we walked our butts all over Cabo while we were here, so we were always hot and thirsty!

Clint is also great at always greeting the Mexicans with a smile, and when they offer us whatever they are selling, he replies with a kind "no thank you".  Because he is so thoughtful, you never know what they will hand you... like an iguana named Mickey! We got a good laugh with this guy!

 I'm pretty sure I was saying something along the lines of... "he better not be peeing on me". :) 


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