Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A trip to the cabin

Over the weekend, we took advantage of three days off and headed to the cabin.  On the way up there, this little guy was hanging out by the road.  Cute little bugger...
But, I imagine he has a rather short life expectancy.  :)  He was intrigued by our tire.
Once we got to the cabin, we dropped off our stuff and headed out on the ice.  This is Kimber's preferred method of travel.
It's such beautiful country out there.
and we even caught a couple nice fish that day!
Which Kimber promptly covered with snow!
A couple of the fish we caught were pretty nice size!
One of our favorite parts (okay, my favorite part!) is the nice warm fire!
On Sunday when we woke up the wind was howling, so we couldn't go fishing.  We decided to take a drive instead.  This shows the snow blowing.
We love going up and looking at the bighorn sheep.  They never cease to intrigue us.

and there was a nice herd of antelope too!
Since we were stuck inside, we had fun playing board games.  This one was called "Hoot Owl Hoot" and was pretty fun.  Clint got really into it and was trying to figure out the best strategy.  :)
The next morning was beautiful!
and the fish were biting like crazy!

Clint and Dane were truly the committed fisherman of the bunch!  Look at how great they did!!!  I can only claim a couple and that is simply cause I was out there at the right time!  :)

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