Saturday, August 11, 2012

HURL Elkhorn 23K and tourist fun!

My brother had signed up for the 50k but hurt his ankle really bad a couple weeks before coming. (I could still see the black and blue in his toes) But, because he is a Hauptmann, he thought "why don't I run the 23k with Tanya and Dad?"  Here he is at the trail-head before the run...  it was 38 degrees.  Did I mention that my brother is from Hawaii?  It has been a while since he has had to endure 38 degrees.  Much less in shorts!  But, we all agreed that the conditions were perfect for a run. 
 I should have given my camera to my brother for the run...  he is very good at running/taking pictures!  But, I  forgot.  So, we don't have any pictures from the 14 miles of fun!  The landscape was beautiful and the terrain was perfect for my first long trail race.  I did get a really nasty stitch (side-ache)after the second climb...  I tried to run through it but then it just got really, really bad.  Erik summed it up perfectly when he said that it feels like someone has knocked the air out of you.  But, with the patience of my brother and dad I was able to work through it and keep going.  Not that there is a lot of choice when you are still 5 miles out!  :)

Clint and Marsha drove over with the kiddos to be at the finish line waiting.  Here they are building a "campfire".  They had a wonderful time playing but were pretty much the dirtiest kids EVER when we left!  
 My brother was amazing through the whole run.  I know his ankle had to be bothering him, but he stayed right with us the whole time.  When we would go downhill he sometimes would slow down a little but then when we would start climbing again, there he was!  What a stud!  Dad also was super nice and stuck with me the whole run, so it was a father/son & daughter run.  How cool is that?  
I must admit that I thought we had a lot further to go...  then I saw Clint's truck parked along the road and I had to push a little.  Here I am crossing the finish line.  
 My two running heroes!
 Back in Great Falls we did some great stuff as well, including trying some new fun foods!  When I was a kid, if Dad was tasked with making dinner we always would have smoked oysters, chocolate milk, and french bread.  (But you have to rip the bread into chunks, you can't cut it!)  Erik and Dad picked us up all the goods one day, and I introduced my kids to the meal of champions!  YUM!
 The chocolate milk and french bread was a huge hit!  Erik taught them how to dunk.  Kimber liked the oysters more than Dane, but both kids tried them and thought they were okay.  
 The Interpretive Center is always a huge hit!!!  Here are the kids seeing how hard they can pull.
 The kids and I are making a boat out of sticks...  hmmm I'm thinking it wouldn't be the best boat to actually go out on, but we certainly got an "A" for effort!
 Grammy and Kimber coloring
 Then we visited the Buffalo Jump Museum.  Here are Dane and Uncle Erik seeing what they can uncover in the sand.
 Dad and Marsha at the overlook.

We had such a great time with all the visiting and acting like tourists! I can't wait for the next time!

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Erik said...

I had such a good time. What a great opportunity to experience Curiosity, and with their awesome brother-in-law! Thank you Clint. Dad and I had such great conversations, much to everyone's dismay.