Monday, March 19, 2012

Good to be home!

Friday evening I got home from a 6 day trip to Alabama.  I went for training and really enjoyed the class.  They kept us super busy...  not a lot of downtime, but that made it go fast and we learned a lot!  I can say that I was super glad to be back to the family though! 

Clint and Dane made some progress on the playhouse.  Aren't they doing a great job?

 We had traditional fare for St. Patty's Day...  Yummy corned beef and cabbage.  Here is Kimber sportin' pigtails!  Not all of her hair makes it up, but it's just long enough that I feel like we need to do something with it. 
 Helping Daddy...

 Then Kimber pulled her hair out of the pigtails...  and this is what we got!  :)  Clint said this will be one of those pictures that we threaten her with when she is a teenager...  "Don't make us pull out the picture!"

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