Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dane's birthday celebration at Tiber!

Dane is now five years old!  Hard to believe, isn't it?  I think that we may have mentioned it before, but this kid likes to fish.  So, he wasn't bummed out at all when we told him that we were going ice fishing on Tiber for his birthday.  In fact he was even more thrilled when we told him that it would be for 3 days and 2 nights!  When we arrived on Friday, it was a beautiful cold clear day.  There was a layer of freezing fog over the Reservoir as you can see in this picture.  Dane is following his Daddy out to set some tip-ups.
Once we got out on the ice you couldn't really see the trailer or the shore.
On Friday, the fishing was kind of slow until right at dark.  But, I had already gone back to the trailer with Kimber so I missed out and didn't get any pictures of the really nice pike that they caught.  

Overnight it was pretty cold with the freezing fog, so the next morning we had to break out the holes.  Using a chisel and hammer is really the best way.  

You can see that there was a fair amount of ice overnight.
But, there were some nice walleye waiting for us out there!  Here is Clint and Kimber with a nice one!

Dane pulled up a nice one as well!
Then the Scott's came out and joined us for the day.
They even brought some yummy cupcakes for Dane's birthday!  Kimber enjoyed hers thoroughly, as you can see!
One little pike decided to be a stubborn and wouldn't let go of Dane's glove.  

I guess sometimes you are the fish and sometimes you are the bait!

Although she doesn't normally icefish much, Amy even came along and who knows, we could have a convert!  She even posed with a walleye!
and then we built a fire so the fun continued!  Who doesn't love a campfire?
Sunrise the next morning was beautiful!  It was a great trip and we were so thrilled that Amy, Noah and the kids came out and spent the day with us!

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