Sunday, February 5, 2012

We got out on the ice... finally!!!!

Friday Clint had the day off with us, and let me just say...  it was the perfect day!  There were a few hiccups, but that is what makes it so wonderful, my awesome hubby persevered and made it a great day for all of us!  We got up at o'dark thirty, hopped in the truck with the kiddos and headed up to Willow Creek to see if we could catch some fish.  We got there just when the sun was coming up and Clint headed out with the ice auger to drill some holes while I started the process of getting the kids dressed and ready.  I'm not exaggerating when I say process.  Dane's getting pretty good.  He gets that it's all part of the deal and if he wants to go, he's gotta play by mommy's rules!  So, he puts up with me putting 20 layers on him, toasty toes, a hat, gloves, etc.  Kimber...  not so much.  She is still at the age where she doesn't get it and she really feels like I am working hard to make her miserable.
Anyway, as I'm getting the kids ready, I keep looking out to make sure Clint is doing okay.  Well, he is fine but the auger isn't cooperating.  By the time I get both kids ready, he has 2 holes done, but it is obviously not going well...  So, he runs back to the truck and get some tools...  But, no luck.  
Here are the boys trying to figure out what is wrong... 

Perhaps Kimber can help...

 So, we head back to the truck and pile back in.  Dane was SO DISAPPOINTED but was a trooper and was patient while we tried to figure out how we could save the trip.
A truck had gone by earlier and with hopes that they were fellow ice fisherman, we headed out to see if we could find them.  Luckily we did, and Clint worked his magic!  They told us we could borrow their hand auger to drill some holes.  They had a gas one as well, but I don't blame them for not wanting to give that up.  The best part was that they told Clint if we didn't get it back to them right away, we could just drop it off at the buckhorn bar in town!  True Montana ice fisherman, after a day on the ice...  head to the bar!!!
After drilling our holes with the hand auger. (we both are still sore!) I took the auger back to the nice gentleman (not at the bar).  When I got back, Daddy and his two helpers were setting the tip ups.

The hand auger drilled these little bitty cute 4 inch holes.

 The fish were biting really good, but weren't too greedy and wouldn't take the whole bait.  They were just nibblers.  Fortunately, with the help of my special guy, we landed this nice trout!

 I really love Willow Creek cause if we aren't catching fish then we go for walks, or go sledding, or something fun like that.

Next weekend we have Friday and Saturday off together and hopefully the ice will hold up so we can make it out one more time!!!! :)

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You have such great adventures.