Friday, September 21, 2007

A new chapter!

Today is Clint's last day at the GFPD!!! I thought I'd post a picture of him in his uniform, cause I think he is a total stud!!!
As a game warden he is going to get to wear jeans to work every day! Must be rough!
It's been crazy around here, trying to wrap our minds around all the changes that are coming!!!

Clint and I head to Helena on Sunday for a Game Warden bar-b-que/meet & greet. Then he gets sworn in on Monday. (I'll post pictures when I get home)

Despite trying to go through boxes, we did make it out playing a little yesterday. Sadly, our days spent archery hunting aren't providing us with any pictures to post!!! But, bird hunting is always a lot of fun and we usually can get a few!

Yesterday, we covered some ground trying to find some upland birds for Rebel, but all we got was a tired dog!
So, as usual we went to the old standby... and shot a few more snipe!!!

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Jeremy and Kristi said...

Did you guys find out where you are going to be stationed yet?

Don't wear yourself out girl! Moving when your prego is not so much fun. I did it when I was 5 months and it took me twice as long to pack and unpack everything. ANNOYING!! Good luck.