Saturday, June 23, 2007


Where do we begin!?! We have so many different projects going at once!
Well, the kittens have done amazingly well! The little black one has already been adopted into a great home. Her new name is Isabella and I think that she will be very well loved! The other kitten goes to her home on Monday, and she will be going to a great home as well. She is so playful and seems to have an identity crisis... She thinks she is a dog!!!!

Rebel is so good with them! He is very gentle and lets them climb all over him. As you can see, this kitten wanted to sleep between his two hind legs.... As long as she didn't get too frisky, he was okay!

She has decided that cat food is below her, and she will just eat what Bones is eating!!! She almost stands completely in the dish to eat!

We also have the cabin painted... As you can see, it doesn't have a roof yet, but that should be fixed next week.
This has been quite the year for storms. Here are some pictures from a recent one! Some parts of Great Falls had golf ball sized hail, ours wasn't that big, but it was a heck of a storm!

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